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On April 20, 2004, Gov. Brad Henry signed an HB 2197, now known as the Oklahoma Electronic Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) Act. The law resulted in the creation of standards designed to make information technology, including Web site content and tools, accessible for persons with disabilities. Standards (Link opens in a new window), developed by ABLE Tech, are based on Federal Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act accessibility standards, but do not reflect all parts of Section 508.

Documents on the ABLE Tech Web site may occasionally be presented in formats other than HTML. These formats are generally accessible to users using screen reading software. The screen reading capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Reader (full version) may allow vision-impaired visitors to access PDF content. In the event that the PDF format of a document cannot be made fully accessible, an alternate version of the document will be provided in an accessible format.

Reporting an Accessibility Problem

ABLE Tech is working to meet compliance with Oklahoma's EITA standards and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you would like to report an accessibility problem with the ABLE Tech website, please e-mail the ABLE Tech accessibility compliance representative. Be sure to include the web address (URL) of the page or file and any other relevant details about the problem or request.

Assistance with Accessing OSF Information

The Oklahoma EITA Act requires that ABLE Tech, as a State of Oklahoma agency, provide electronic and information technology products that are accessible to people with disabilities. Under the EITA Act, ABLE Tech and other State of Oklahoma agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to this technology that is comparable to the access available to others. The law applies to all state agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology.

ABLE Tech is committed to providing resources that are accessible to people of all abilities. If you find that any of our information products, including what you see on this site, are not in compliance with the EITA Act, please contact us by e-mail or phone at (405) 744-9748. When you contact us, please refer to the specific information found to be non-compliant. This will help us address the issue more quickly.
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Accessibility Best Practices

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Collaborating Agencies: ABLE Tech, DRS and Oklahoma Works

Used with permission of Mid-Atlantic ADA Center which
holds the rights to all content.
Accessibility  |   Checklist (PDF)


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